GameGrumps Remix Mélange

2017-02-13 20:49:38 by Guidodinho

I think Gamegrumps is alright. I rarely watch it though, but I respect it for the funny moments it has (and because Egoraptor generally posts a lot of entertaining stuff, a lot). But what I love more about the Grumps is the remixes that other dudes make of those dudes. Here's a bunch of my favorites put in order, kinda like a mixtape (but lazily slapped together).

1- Boom Bap

2- Somebody to Love

3- Scorpion

4- Color of the Game

5- Gojira

6- Getting High

7- Banana Shoes

8- Beat the Dingle

9- Going to Space

10- How Di I Life

11- Speed of Light

12- Make it Burn

13- Youre Wrong

14- I Am a Jew


For the people who enjoy posts, put together with other people's work, made with parts of other people's work of people who work, by playing other people's work.

I want YOU!.... To scream in your mic

2015-10-03 04:02:38 by Guidodinho

Hello, anyone reading this!

I'm making a sprite animation  and I'm looking for some voice-actors. There will be dialogue but no big dramatic speeches or deep conversations. I'm mostly looking for a whole bunch of different kinds of:  "Wuaaah!" "Aaaah!" "Hyaa!" "uuuuuaaaaAAARGH!" (A bunch of screams and moans for the action) that fit the characters featured, and also a bit of cheesy dialogue during the calm parts to put it all together and make it seem like they actually have a reason behind bashing eachothers brains out.
So without further bullshit: here's a little sneak-peak of what I'm working on:

And here's a picture of the characters and their names with a rough discription of what type of voice I'd like them to have:

-Kula: Teenage girl, doesn't have to be a squeeling japanese schoolgirl going like: "nyaaaAAAN-desuuUUU!!" it coud be though.
-K: Young adult, with a smooth and bit of arrogant attitude.
-Ralf: Grown-ass man, with quite a bit of aggressive screaming.
-Clark: Also grown-ass man, but more calm, yet bad-ass, with perhaps a kind of Duke Nukem-ish or Bruce Willis-ish style (the calm bad-ass).
-Leona: Adult millitary lady, much rougher voice than Kula, not a screaming loudmouth like ralf, she's rather calm, but she does have some power in her voice.

So those are the roughly the kinds of voices I'd like to see this action thing come to life with. The voices don't have to exactly fit the discription, if you think: "that idea is bullshit, I can do a much better fitting voice" I'd be more than happy to check that out. So if you're a boy/girl or lady/gentleman who likes to yell into a mic with decent quality: I WANT YOU! :D


Edit: It's kind of weird specifically asking for screams and stuff like that, and I, unprofesionally enough, don't really give a shit about a story on this project. So here's the deal: I replaced the preview with the whole thing I got so far: If there's a character you like or think you can do well. Hit record, hit play on the video, pretend you're that character and go nuts a few times (rather have a few takes and mix n match from it, unless you can do it in 1 perfect go), and on the calmer parts (the moments in between with no action) you can say stuff you think is cool and would fit, those calm parts are relatively easy to edit for me so they can be cut or lengthened to fit that.

As for the character's context: Ralf, Clark and Leona are millitary proffesionall folks. And K and Kula more on the 'too cool-for-school' rebellious side.
So needlesly complicated story short: I don't have any text planned yet, so you can throw in lines you'd think would be cool in between the screaming, and if not I'm gonna write cheesy one-liners for filling up the calmer parts XD


*Another long-ass edit* : I have an idea. I'f y'all would like it, I want to make this post a more public thing. So say for example, anyone making an action video, may it be a stickman, sprite, self-drawn, 3d, or real life thing. He or she is looking for some cool voice effects for people doing their action stuff.
So I thought it would be sweet if people who are interrested like voicing stuff for this project, to give a discription of the type of voice (like attitude, age, gender and character) in a comment here with a link of what you got. I'm thinking of bunch of wav files with a big choice of different screams for actions with some cool quotes in there. Might be a good idea to put the wavs into a folder with the title you wanna put on it in a zip or rar file and put it on the NG dumpingrounds with a link to it here.

Lemme know what you think about it or just post stuff if u want.


Come up with characters for a Barfight!

2015-01-27 12:33:31 by Guidodinho

Hey Newgrounds! I'm making an animation and I'm starting with a little animatic:


It's gonna be an awesome and cool barfight but I haven't come up with any character yet. So for sh*ts and giggles I'm going to let you guys here come up with character and suggest them in the comments. Wichever characters I think are cool, originall, hilarious or gererally a good idea will be picked and put in the brawl.

To make your suggestions here: just post a comment here with your list of ideas for:

-Red guy: ...

-Purple guy: ...

-Yellow guy: ...

-Left green guy: ...

-Right green guy: ...

-Any other great characters (it's gonna be longer than the animatic, so extra characters will be welcome)


The characters can be anyone: Real or fictional, man or woman, a specific character or a generall character (an occupation or steriotype) or whatever. It doesn't have to make sence and the sky's the limit!

How to punch your fish

2012-07-04 17:43:44 by Guidodinho

I lately noticed people having trouble punching their fish, so I decided to make a tutorial on it for all those people. I posted the tutorial here.

So good luck and have fun punching your fish.


2011-05-16 10:11:48 by Guidodinho

I've been working on a new sprite animation for a contest at the the spritas
It contains sprites, violence and the best dutch song ever made. You can watch it here


New sprite moveh!

2010-03-16 03:41:09 by Guidodinho

Yay, i finished my sprite movie. Watch it here

And here's a random screenhot:

New sprite moveh!

New sprite movie

2009-04-19 14:48:41 by Guidodinho

there's a new sprite movie comming up. It's my first time animating at 24 frames per second and also the first time i tried to sync the video with the music wich i think i did pretty well, and also the first sprite animation with a character that i ripped myself. I ripped the last dude in the movie, the main character from draglade 2. And i'll put it on sprite database as soon as i'm finished with the last sprites of him.

But hey. why are you still reading this? check the preview :p

/* */

one of my first animations:

2009-03-20 03:57:35 by Guidodinho

/* */
one of the first animations i've ever made. Created with mspaint and windows moviemaker. took me one full week to make, that's just as long as it took to make Yoshi vs Gohan.

anyways, the reason for posting this here is to share it with you guys on newgrounds and to show an annoying guy on youtube who's bugging me that my animations are bad (but mostly for that second reason).