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My animation Journey: 2009 to 2017 My animation Journey: 2009 to 2017

Rated 4 / 5 stars

PLEASE do not wear the bun! No one looks good with the bun on the back of their head, not a single lady or gentleman looked better with the bun. Do something the hair: put a bunch of product in it, do it like a ponytail or just accept a bad hair day. Buns are great as bread. Buns are even better as jiggly booties. But buns are absolutely awful as a hairdo! Don't get me wrong, I understand that the bun is practical, but so is a razor, or a hat. So please, for goodness sake: no more buns unless it's bread or butt.

But it's nice to see the progress, from stickfigures and inconsistantly moving sprite animations, to well drawn, smoothly-moving stuff, complete with voice acting and a regular upload scedule. Pretty inspiring stuff if ya ask me. And a good name to boot, with the best chosen first and last letters in it.

One thing though (besides the buns), have kind of a problem with the subscribe screen at the end. It's not the fact that it's there, ( and you're not the first one to do it). But it's just that it's lazy. It's just the same screen as posted on youtube (though you put the bit of effort in to block the parts with the pink squares and circle).
But why not put in the little bit of effort to make a different ending title screen. That aknowledges that this video is on newgrounds. Might as well get creative with the plugs. Do stuff with the tank or somethin. Or with the simpler and shorter pokemone bits, if they're made in flash, you could even post them in flash format, with some little fun-looking clickable parts that open up a window to your youtube.
But's that my naggy opinion on that. Other than that good entertaining stuff!

TD-Mass Hysteria TD-Mass Hysteria

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Man, you're getting good at the angry/smartass rants/ They're getting better than the angry rants from doctor Cox (from Scrubs)! And dr.Cox has some really good rants in the show.

Also, the illustration/cartoons are gettig way better. Really getting good at your own style you got going, it's really becoming like a brand of its own. And I can learn a lot from it by looking at what kind of details you put in or leave out. Like going full detailed with the Mozes picture to really put the epicness into it, and making things look simple/semi-shitty when making little throwaway jokes inbetween.
Also, the color choices look weird, but work really well. Sweet job, keep it up!

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Rated 4 / 5 stars

You got me going like: "ah, you clever bastard'. For like 3 times.

First one, when I saw the thumbnail and the titel, thought it was a clever way of luring people into a video about jerking off (thought I had your witty nonsense figured out by now).
Second one, when he actually drained his main vein.
Third one when it turned out it was an advertisement all along.

And a possible 4th one for the future, if it turns out it wasn't suicide, and the plot thickens. But I doubt ur gonna go the extra (serious non-lazy) mile just for that.

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Sasha X Titan Sasha X Titan

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Oh man, was just browsing random Attack on Titan stuff on NG for refferences n shit and didn't notice the A-rating. Didn't see that one comming........hehe......comming.

Could've put in a couple of extra poses aside from the different angled shots though, so it doesn't feel like looking at one animated gif for the first 30 seconds in. And maybe put on just a couple pieces of clothing on Sasha. Not to prevent any nudity or anything, but just to make it clear that it's Sasha from Attack on Titan without having to read the title, if you know what I mean. Or maybe have her eat a potato while she's getting it on, she aint doing much with her hands anyways XD.

But other than that, solid porn animation.

Frieza's Wish (Episode 1) Frieza's Wish (Episode 1)

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Woah sweet, if I knew about this big-ass collab I would've liked to animate a scene. If you need an extra hand to animate for episode 2. Lemme know.

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TD-Shut The World Out TD-Shut The World Out

Rated 5 / 5 stars

It makes sence to try out, not listening to music while making art. Sometimes, when the artwork requires more gruntwork, it's nice to get in a constant groove/rythm. But when you need to let multiple things sink in (things like shape, perspective and placement), those things can sink in, at different speeds and intensity.

And as a teacher you want to take record of your student's progress in their neutral rythm (not the rythm of whatever songs you listen to each lesson).

Though it's a bitch, sometimes, the world needs to shut up around you, to listen to the more silent things (instead of only the silent things in your mind when you sleep).

But the social things totally make sence. Even if you take away sound, people can still enter your vision to let you know they need something from you (like a normal way to approach people). Or let people use their other sences, as long as you do it respectfully. And I suppose, that the whole respect mumbo jumbo is the issue.

But all in all, sublimely illustrated and narrated. Gives a good point of view with some solid points (that a lot of people can take usefull things from).
Thank you & well done!

Suicide Hotline Akali Suicide Hotline Akali

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Good video, artwork was nice, voice-over were good, and the jokes worked well.

Only thig I don't agree with is the theme choice I honestly don't see the value that the league of legends characters add to it, I didn't notice anything that was fitting to akali or aything fitting for master yi (if you asked me they could've been just some lady and just some guy on the phone).

And sorry if this gets over kinda douchey, but I also didn't recognise the character, I recognised Akali because I read the title first and now that she has a nurse skin. But I had no idea it was Master yi until after I watched the animation and read the discription. Don't get me wrong, they were drawn well (estheatically, they looked good) but I didn't really notice any characteristics, if you know what I mean.
So if you ask me (not that anyone ever does, but Imma say it anyways, in case it's helpful) I'd stick with the regular skins, or include things to the dialogue or artwork. So other people get it, or see the appeal of the fact that you included those characters.
Because the fact that it had LoL characters (for no real obvious reason or theme), left me feeling kind of indifferent at the end, while the video itself was really entertaining! And to me indifference is pretty annoying, cuz you can't do nuthin with it: it's not right, it's not wrong, it's just.....kinda.......meh, if you know what I'm sayin.

But don't take it too heavily, no complaints on the quality front ;)

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Akutox3 responds:

Thank you very much, yea youre kinda right, i did give him his facial Hair and Long Hair, ofcourse you wont know its Yi by just watching the Video, would be kinda stupid to draw him in his full body armor at Home surfing the Internet.

For the whole Yi wanting to kill himself ting, its becouse not many people like Master Yi in the League of Legends Comunity and also the Rageblade build got nerfed so thats the whole reason behind it haha.

Ancient Cosmos Ancient Cosmos

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Sh*t was really good. The pixelated look with the color choices really made it look like an old dos game, but looking more alive because it moves more, even with the eye twitching and stuff.

Also really had one really creeped up moment, (and I've seen nasty sh*t on the internet). And that was the drill in the head part. I saw the the drill going to the head, and I felt kinda invested to hope that wouldn't happen. And I went: ahw f*ck, he did, that's fucked up! So I'm gonna tell ya your a dick for that, but well done nonetheless :p

Raw Latex 3 Raw Latex 3

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

I didn't even expect to see part 2 when the first one came out. And now you've gone and made a third. I hope it's gonna build up to something convincingly epic though. Because I'm liking this better the pleasure island, wich started of fantastic but kind of lost it's focus along the way.

I'm gonna watch it either way though. I just hope you're gonna keep it fresh if it's gonna get a lot of episodes or you're gonna end it awesomely if there's only a few more to go.

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Dragon Ball Z - Fukkatsu No F - Thrue Final Battle (parody) Dragon Ball Z - Fukkatsu No F - Thrue Final Battle (parody)

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

You were pretty lazy, looping and re-usig so many animations. But they were drawn and animated with great care as I cloud clearly see. Also, it was hilarious.

You should totally make an animated GIF of Goku and Vegeta both slapping Frieza at the end, and slap it into the art portal. Cause I'm sure it's gonna go all over the internet if you do that .

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hinca responds:

man i now it looks lazy but, the amount of things i have learned by doing this kind od stuff, ufff this is the only one a have made complitly of re-used animation from the show 'cus in so many chapter is hard to find the right scene hahaha so i usualy re-draw separeted scenes to see what else can i learn haha.
and yeah, i'll gave it a try with the gif.
thanks!! :)